“I was referred to Tim Gallagher through a family friend. Our experience with Tim was great. Tim always made every effort to respond quickly to us and our needs. Our relationship was very personable, we were always on a first-name basis and the communication was always open and positive. Tim definitely put our best interests first and I always felt like our case was a priority to him. I would highly recommend him.”

– Jennifer R.

Despite my husband’s paraplegia following a medical procedure, because of the work Tim did for us, we were able to make and enjoy much needed improvements in our home, dinners out without worrying about the bill, and helping a bit with our grandkids expenses.  He made our lives easier.  We would have loved to have seen him finish the trial.  He was excellent.  But when the other side agreed to settle during trial, we accepted and were very happy with the outcome.

– Judy and Jim

“Tim Gallagher is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and you could not ask for a better attorney. I was referred to him by an attorney here in Kentucky who originally investigated the case. That lawyer told me it would be tough and the best thing to do would be to hire Mr. Gallagher and file a lawsuit in St. Louis. The relationship and care he put into my case was just unreal. He told me that he would never ever forget me and I still hear from him on my birthday, at Christmas, and throughout the year. I put my whole faith in Mr. Gallagher and he did a fantastic job.”

– Billie P.